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When you talk about the world ‘Digital’ the first thing that pops up in your mind is something electronic. Well, digital marketing can be correlated with the e-world. The marketing efforts dedicated to building a customer base via digital channels such as search engines, social media, websites and email is known as Digital Marketing or Online Marketing.

Have you ever thought how difficult it would have been if you had to do just door to door sales while starting your brand? This is where the Digital Marketing or Online Marketing comes to the rescue. So, how does it work?

There are a number of professional Online Marketing or Digital Marketing service that take on the task. All these companies make use of Digital Marketing tools and tactics to reach a wider customer base. These tools and tricks form the basis of the Online Marketing industry. In this article, we will give you an insight into the various tools used by a Digital Marketing service or an Online Marketing company.

Let’s cover them one by one.

seo services india Search Engine Optimization:

You would have heard a lot of buzz on the internet about SEO. So, what is SEO? In expanded terminology, SEO is Search Engine Optimization.

Simplifying it into laymen’s term will be optimizing the use of search engine for business development and branding. A significant part of SEO focuses on keywords. Getting the right keywords for your product or service will help your brand get a higher rank on the search engine. So, the basic idea behind SEO is using the right and the common keywords to get more visibility on the search engine results.

Well, other than SEO uses a combination off page and on page strategies improves company brand exposure while increasing site traffic, time on site, and conversions.  As well as the website’s efficiency, mobile optimization and architecture are critical factors that effect search engine optimization. Posting regularly with high keyword density, effective metadata and correct alt-tags will impact your site’s performance on the search engine.

SEM Services IndiaSearch Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing or SEM is commonly paying search engines like Google and Bing for displaying your ads in search results.

So when you search for anything on these search engines, you see some sponsored results on the right, which are an example of what search engine marketing is. The top four pages have sponsored or ad written underneath the primary title link, which signifies paid advertising. Adwords is referred to Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising. PPC works on the idea of the paying the search engine for every click that the potential customer makes. So, every time your link is clicked the company has to pay the search engine.

An added advantage to this will be that each visitors landing on the webpage will improve the website ranking substantially. Google Adwords is another tool that helps you choose the location and target customers as per your business need.

social media marketing serviceSocial Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the new buzz in the digital marketing world. Social Media Marketing aims at targeting the audience and promotions on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, Instagram, linkedin, Pinterest etc.

Posting regularly on these platforms help build up consumer interest and engage the target audience. Believe it or not, most of the conversations now happen on these social media platforms. So, SMM works wonders when you are regularly posting on these platforms. First, you will get a lot of attention from the potential customer and second will help the business get a higher rank on the search engine.

So, if you not amongst the top brand to pay for SEM, then Social Media Marketing is another way to crawl up the search engine rankings. Even, if you don’t hit the first page on Google. You will still be having a huge customer base on facebook etc. Social Media Marketing helps you to reach out your target audience and their friends directly via these social platforms.

online reputation management service indiaReputation Management Service

Reputation Management Service is another digital marketing tool that helps in brand building. Brand image is synonymous to brand identity and visibility.

Think about, if you have to look for someone or something, you search on the internet. So, anything about you on the internet will help people form an opinion. It is imperative for organizations to hire Reputation Management Services. The Reputation management services help the organization in building a positive brand image and to connect with the customers. So, now the bigger question is how does it work?

Reputation Management companies monitor, measure and track, constructive conversations about the brand, company and the personal identity. An online reputation management company drives its efforts towards building a positive image and conversation about the brand. Dealing with any negative publicity and addressing the harm done by it. Reputation Management Service helps to know the buzz around the brand and critically analyzing its reason.

conversion optimization service indiaConversion Optimization:

Lot many websites have a number of target audience landing on its home page, but still don’t have high sales or profits.

This will make you wonder, where is the loophole? This is when conversion optimization will help you out.

First let’s get to know what conversion rate is, the number of visitors who complete a desired action on a website within a given time. Desired actions can anything from buying a product, signing up for a newsletter, answering a survey, downloading something or providing feedback.

By calculating the conversion rate, you understand that how equipped your website is to complete the set goal. Conversion rates are always calculated in percentage to give you a clearer picture. So, why do we need to calculate Conversion rate optimization? Figuring the conversion optimization helps us to understand the visitor behaviour and analyze where we failed to convert them into consumers. In simpler words, Conversion Rate Optimization focuses on persuading visitors to undertake the desired action you want them on the website. And, finding out reasons where we failed to engage the visitor into conversion.

email marketing service indiaEmail Marketing:

In earlier days, no one could connect with anyone without knowing them or their address. But, all thanks to email marketing we can relate to anyone around the world in a few seconds via their virtual or email address.

If you think email marketing is just directed towards profit or growth. Then, you are undoubtedly wrong. Email marketing is used to connect with your probable customers for acquisition, engagement, retention, sales, traffic, referral information or just reaching out. Email Marketing is one of the most versatile tools, which a business can use to get in touch with potential customers. If they probably don’t like your emails you will end up in spam. So, its very important to have a competent email marketing strategy.

ecommerce marketing service indiaE-Commerce Marketing:

E commerce marketing breaks the shackles of a conventional brick and mortar store and focuses on the four P’s of marketing in a virtual setup.

E-commerce marketing aims at building a virtual business store for the customers and driving them to purchase products and services online. A lot of big brands have opted to move to the Ecommerce setups due to the lack of physical space and time constraints. While the con is that there is no sales person to show you around the store. So, the only hands that a ecommerce marketing company has is pay per click, search engine optimization and other digital marketing tools for the customer to land on the website. When you look for an E-commerce marketing plan, focus on works on three stages, getting visitors to your website, turning visitors into customers, and finally making them repeat customers.

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